Hey Everyone

Go click on that button on the right there, the purevolume one. I just wrote a new song and its called The Orphans and the Widows. Try and guess what its about. It's not funny at all. In fact its about the homeless people on the streets. Kind of. But I wrote it because of the cyclone in Burma and earthquakes in China that have orphaned and widowed so many people. I was kind of inspired by Ai Hui actually, just went for her pre-album launch mini show.

Click Here for Ai Hui's Myspace.

I really love her stuff, I'm so getting her album. It's worth a listen, she's a terrific songwriter and she's got a beautiful voice.

So yeh, I've kind of picked up my guitar and pickled my brain a bit more, and hopefully more songs coming. By the way, I'm kinda happy with how the song turned out, but I think it's not final. Will be adding more touches to it, debating on whether to add drums and bass or not. i should probably get a semi-acoustic.

Love, Chris.

edit: note the new banner up top. watch the video and find out more...

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